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Small reviews of (I think) all incremental games I've ever played on Android

I don't know if this will be useful to anyone. So I write a line or two about every game I play, and decided to find all the incremental in my game journal and post them here. It starts with the latest games I've played and I think goes back to several years back. One thing I've realized is I have such a love-hate-hate relationship with this genre since I think I've hated 90% of the games and 100% of myself after each incremental phase. I usually angrily stop playing them for a while and restart them again, so this is more or less a journal of addiction, I suppose.
  1. Kittens Game
  2. Antimatter Dimensions
  3. Oil Tycoon
Honorable Mention: Eggs, Inc
The rest: more or less hated it
Additional comment if you decide to scan through it, I complain a lot, so it is perfectly reasonable and normal to think, "why the fuck are you even playing these games, idiot??".

Time Idle RPG
This game was confusing. It tells me the game's resources is time, where you get 1 of it every second, but that's not really something as unique as I assumed. It would have been cool if time as resources meant you used it to deal with something related to time. Maybe time travel? Maybe slowing and speeding time?
Instead time as resource buys you stuff like a library. And then you buy a camp or something. Honestly, I wasn't really feeling it.
Path of Idling
The biggest cardinal sin for me when it comes to incremental is when a game has a lot of features and it just completely throws them all at you instantly. The joy of a great incremental is how things slowly open up and each new achievement feels progress.
The game is a RPG game and these are the things that opened up for me in the first few hours.
Combat which includes normal fighting, dungeon, raid, boss, PVP (locked, but it just needs an ascend, which I haven't done)
Hero upgrades which include Passive (strength, defence, stamina, intelligence), Train, and a huge Tree
Town which you can buy workers who get you various things like gold, orbs, knowledge, etc. You can upgrade stuff here.
Quest that also includes Perks and Skill quests.
Gear which 5 equipment slots, plus craft plus trade plus smelt
Also gear for your Pet, which is also another tab!
Now, here is the thing. Because I have all of this pretty much instantly, I don't really know which ones are helping me go past a well. How is adding 10 points in strength helping me? Should I have added five in strength instead and five in defence? I have already bought 20 or so upgrades in the Tree, but I have no idea if I am made the optimal choice. There is no real excitement with getting new gear. And so on.
The dev has added a lot of features, now it's time to rework the game, and have the features take their time.
Idle Slayer
The game is like a super simple platformer. Your character is running and any enemy it hits, it automatically slays it. There is no HP, and all enemies die in one shot. Your only active play is jumping occasionally to grab coins or hit the flying enemies. Also, you have a run skill that has a cool down.
With the coins, we get new weapons that give us more coins. Enemies give us souls which is used for the prestige system that provides us with an interesting skill tree which provides a lot of choices on the path you want to do in terms of upgrades.
So far excellent, however, the game has an extremely serious issue of pacing. The game initially progresses so fast that in the first hour or so, you get almost all the weapons aside from the last two, which then grinds down to a snail pace. You can upgrade your past weapons, but they never really get into play again. Reaching high levels of past weapons sometimes gave me upgrades of that weapon of 10,000% but they still did nothing to my overall coin per second. I think the pacing needs to be fully reworked. It would have been nice to get new weapons after certain prestige cycles, so that every new weapon feels like we have passed a significant wall. The best part of an incremental game for me is to face a wall, and when I finally break it, I feel powerful again for a while. This game feels like this though, powerful powerful powerful powerful WALL........break it....WALL. And so on. I'm still playing it as I want to get some of the skills, but I feel like it could have been so much better.
Exponential Idle
A very back to the foundation kind of incremental. The premise is that you are a student and working on a formula. There is a neat story where as you progress in the game, your character progresses through university. Each upgrade gives you more and more automation until I reached a stage where I would check back once every 2 or 3 days, click a 2nd layer prestige reset, and close it. Meaning the game was something like 5 seconds of game player every 2 days. I just opened it for this review and realized I had reached the end game. The story wraps up and it tells me "You can take a rest. Travel a bit. Go outside!" NO, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO GAME.
Factoid & Spark should have the same review as they are almost the same game with only small differences. The games are the most basic kind of incremental, where you buy something with resources, until you get the next thing which gives you more of the resources. Both give you upgrades to speed things up, and finally prestige and it's own prestige upgrades. That's it. It's nice little change of pace from all the recent incremental that sometimes do too much, but obviously due to the very simple nature of it, it does eventually feel pointless, specially after you more or less open up everything and the prestige upgrades just keep repeating.
Factoid & Spark should have the same review as they are almost the same game with only small differences. The games are the most basic kind of incremental, where you buy something with resources, until you get the next thing which gives you more of the resources. Both give you upgrades to speed things up, and finally prestige and it's own prestige upgrades. That's it. It's nice little change of pace from all the recent incremental that sometimes do too much, but obviously due to the very simple nature of it, it does eventually feel pointless, specially after you more or less open up everything and the prestige upgrades just keep repeating. 3
Antimatter Dimensions
Easily top 5 incremental on mobile. Does everything perfectly. You progress nicely, and when new features open it, not only is it rewarding but more importantly, it keeps adding new dimensions (lol) to the game. I'd at the end game as I write this, and I realize that there was no point in the game where it felt stale. Each new prestige layer made the game feel fresh and almost like a new incremental game.
Melvor Idle
It seems this game was mainly aimed at Runescape players, which is probably why it didn't click for me. It also run extremely slow on my phone which also played a part in me not really getting into.
A Girl Adrift
The animation is really pretty and is a nice change of pace for incrementals, but I didn't really like the too much active play. Really had to keep going back and forth to different areas to do the fishing which got too repetitive for me.
You travel to different areas of the map to catch fish, which you get points and then you upgrade stuff, but I didn't really find any real excitement about the upgrades because I kept having to go back to previous areas to fish similar creatures.
Archer: Danger Phone
I'm really annoyed how terrible of a game this was. Two things I like, the TV show "Archer" and incremental games, and it's done in the most lazy manner. The game is the worst aspect of idle games where it's just a straight path of clicking the next upgrade with absolutely zero decision making. Every once in a while there is a mini game where Archer gets to shoot others but it's done in the most basic form of early 2000s flash games, where the animation budget is probably 3 dollars. Same static background and both enemies and Archer have just two animation frames. The absolute laziness of it is almost insulting to the player, because it feels like we aren't even worth the effort.
There is an Archer story in the game which develops really fast, which is the only positive part, but no voice acting is again another evidence that the creators of the game weren't given any budget for this.
Home Quest
This game is way too slow. You have to collect materials to build your settlement but everything takes time, so you click for a few seconds, and then you have to leave the game. Which I'm fine with, but the problem isn't the idle part of it, it's how the idle part of it combines with constant checking of the game which annoys me. I like an idle game where you forget to start the game for a day, you come up to a lot of resources, but this is a game which needs you to check back in every 30 minutes or an hour to really get anywhere. I felt that the micromanagement was getting worse as I progressed (without any actual thing to do when I am active in the game) that made me give up.
Idle Industry
This is probably an interesting game, but I gave up because the one thing I really disliked was the amount of resources and manufacturing that very quickly opens to you. You can buy raw materials, and you can either sell these raw materials or turn them into finished goods and sell them either. And each of these has several upgrade options (increase selling price, increase production, etc). Without even really getting too deep into the game, I have around 20 raw materials and around 30 finished products. A satisfying part of this genre is to have things slow open up for you, which gives me a decent feeling of satisfaction. But the money I got would quickly open up new products, so I would just jump ahead and purchase more expensive ones, and after a while I had a lot of materials and products at zero, and was instead focusing on latter ones.
Masters of Madness
Somewhat neat atmosphere and visuals, but too much active clicking. Click, upgrade to get more per clicks, get minions to get you some points without clicking, typical clicker, but with the added benefit of almost no idling. I like idling incrementals but clickers is a hard no from me.
Soda Dungeon 2
Basically similar to the first one, as far as I could tell. I did "finish" it but maybe I shouldn't have, since it really is the same thing from early on, specially once you get all the heroes and you kind of sort out which characters work best, then it's just the same. But because it was somewhat short and no real wall, it was at least easy to stick to it to the end.
Bacterial Takeover
Played for a decent amount and was actually more interesting that I thought, given the buttload of ad incentives. You create and upgrade bacteria, attack planets, and eventually go into a blackhole to prestige. Most of the game was good, but the part that killed it for me was the prestige system. Once you prestige, planets get super easy to attack, which becomes a lot of active play. I realized that each prestige was taking me at least 30 minutes to get to where I was, and it was just meaningless clicking. It got to a point where I was putting off prestige because it seemed like it would be a hassle so I stopped.
Cute graphics. The hero sort of hopping to hit the tiny monsters is cute to look at, but how long can you look at it and do nothing before you realize that it's boring? I suppose this is a game where it's just not for me. I don't like to have my phone open on a game and just watch it like a crazy person and do nothing. My rule is simple for incrementals. While the app is open, be active, if there isn't any choices to make, close the app while resources build up or whatever. I don't like it being open while I do nothing.
A Kittens Game
Incremental games are so strange. I get in and out of the phases. I loved this for so long and so obsessively that I wanted to only play incremental games. And then, just like that, I was wondering why the fuck I was wasting my time with this. Has happened countless times before.
But still probably the best incremental ever.
A Dark Room
An incremental cult classic of sorts but I don't find it really matches the genre. There is a bit of incremental at the beginning with people huts and stuff but then its just a ascii exploring game, which wasn't interesting to me.
Little Healer
Saw it mentioned in the Reddit incremental forum in one of the posts and thought it was a healer themed incremental which sounded neat. But it's like being a healer in a raid in World of Warcraft without any if the extras. Just a couple of bars representing your team mates and you healing them while they fight the boss. I didn't even like playing the healer in WoW so no way would I play this game.
Clickie Zoo
Started playing for a few days until I realized there a beta released with the dev reworking the game completely from scratch and releasing it as "Idle Zoo Tycoon". So, played that instead but this seemed like a game I would enjoy anyway.
Idling to Rule the Gods
The UI and one drawing if your character is really ugly enough to be distracting to me. The game, seemed interesting and I eventually was into it, but seems like a game that has been constantly being updated, which is not always a good thing, because features are obviously updated regularly to it, making the whole thing a bit bloaty.
I guess, this is the problem with this game for me, it's too fat. Also, one main part of the game is that your character creates Shadow Clones up to a maximum limit. Which is fine except the clones can't be made in offline mode. This might not be a big deal in its original web browser game but that doesn't work as well in a mobile format.
Realm Grinder
This is one of the really popular incremental and it's fanbase seems to love it for it's depth, but to be honest, I don't play these games for the depth, I play it for the simple dopamine rush of doing the same thing over and over again. It relaxes.
Although, I didn't even get to the depth part because I dislike games where it rushes in the beginning. I constantly bought buildings, got spells, and got upgrades without even looking at the description. Apparently, later on, we can get complicated race upgades, which seems not what I'm looking for in such a genre.
A short (!!) incremental with an actual story (!!!). That's two cool points for it but unfortunately, the game mechanics of increment genre isn't so good. It's a space game with nice visuals and a great ending (cool music set to cool graphics) but the game itself wasn't really that fun. This same exact game would have been better in a different genre (maybe something like "Out There"?)
Felt like idle games again and this is the kind of examples that kept me away. Too much clicking and seems like advancement will start to get irritating since it relies on IAPs
Eggs, Inc
While I was playing it, Eggs, Inc was probably my favorite Android game I had ever played. But like most incremental games, there comes a moment when I suddenly stop and think, what am I doing?
Because there is something fascinating about Incrementals. Their addictiveness is in a way the whole point. An incremental is less of a game and more an act of electronic addictiveness. What's the point?
Eggs, Inc is a very well made and fun incremental but even the best in its genre is still pointless.
Castle Clicker
Supposedly a mix of incremental and city building but didn't really find out since the clickings were way to much. I know this is supposed to be the genre but I like the incremental part more than the tapping part. This seemed to be a good way to hurt your fingers.
Endless Era
This RPG clicker game is like other such games but with horrible GUI and animations. Tap tap tap. It's my fault for downloading such games. Why would I ever think this would be fun???
Idle Quote
An incremental game with a unique twist. This time we get to make up quotes! The first negative about the game and this irritates me a lot is most of the quotes are fake. A quick search on Google and this proves it. Quotes are generally attributed to Buddha or Ghandi or shit like that and it's usually fake like most quotes on the internet. This kills the major possible advantage of the game because I thought coming up with arbitrary words would at least give me some quotes to learn. Aside from the this, the game isn't fun either because it slows down very quickly meaning you combine words very slowly at a certain stage of the game and then it becomes a boring grind.
Monster Miser
An incremental game with almost no graphics. We just see character portraits of monsters which we buy and then upgrade until we buy the next monster. Eventually we prestige which gives us multipliers. The only game choice is choosing between two monsters with each new monster with unique benefits. Annoyingly there is a max limit which I wish didn't exist because I wanted to prestige so much that I would be over powerful in upgrading like that "Idle Oil Tycoon". Still, pointless but reasonably fun.
Pocket Politics
An incremental take on politics sounds fun but it's so generic that it could have been about anything. A Capitalist idle game or a cooking idle game, it wouldn't matter. IAP was also the usual shitty kind.
Time Clickers
A shooter incremental sounds like a cool twist but it's not a FPS like I imagined it would be. I'm just stuck in a room and I was shooting blocks. Upgrades didn't give me any enjoyment since I was shooting fucking blocks.
Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium
I thought this was going to be relaxing incremental but the ridiculous and generic IAPs and all the social integeration spoil it. Too much time is spent in them asking you to buy or share or tweet or post or give them a blowjob. And there is nothing relaxing about that.
Cartoon 999
Incremental game about comic book writers, but not the marvel DC kind, it seemed to be the webcomic one and I think it's a Korean developer so all the characters and injokes made no sense to me. The whole thing was just targeted to a very specific audience.
Dungeon Manager
Incremental games need to be simple but this is beyond simple, it's just upgrade a fighter to level 5, go to next dungeon character, do the same, and just continue without any of the delicious balancing of upgrades like other idle games.
Final Fortress
Incremental games are already pointless but when it's super heavy on IAP than its also annoying, but when it always has bugs that doesn't register my offline earnings, then it just needs a uninstall in its face.
The zombie skin was also crappy.
Mana Maker
Here is how I know this clicker isn't very good. It doesn't make me hate all clickers and my life and mobile gaming in general for being so addictive and pointless.
So fail, sorry.
Infinity Dungeon
The usual incremental RPG that I should probably never play again. Starts simple enough and then gets more or a chore as you play.
Another incremental game which I had promised myself not to play anymore because they are so pointless and repetitive and endless. Well, this wasn't infinite and had a goal at 999 level so I thought it was good but while the humor was cute, the game did become very repetitive. Every 10 levels the slimes changed but after every 100 levels the whole thing restarted and while the monsters got stronger, I seemed to get even stronger. So the game became easier as I progressed and there was no more challenge. By level 800, I gave up.
Tap Dungeon RPG
Okay, I'm running out of ways to complain about those incremental RPG games that all have similar problems. It starts off reasonably fast and fun but soon it seems like I am in a data entry job. Doing the same thing over and over again with little changes.
Dungeon 999 F: Secret of Slime Dungeon
Another incremental game which I had promised myself not to play anymore because they are so pointless and repetitive and endless. Well, this wasn't infinite and had a goal at 999 level so I thought it was good but while the humor was cute, the game did become very repetitive. Every 10 levels the slimes changed but after every 100 levels the whole thing restarted and while the monsters got stronger, I seemed to get even stronger. So the game became easier as I progressed and there was no more challenge. By level 800, I gave up.
Tap Dungeon RPG
Okay, I'm running out of ways to complain about those incremental RPG games that all have similar problems. It starts off reasonably fast and fun but soon it seems like I am in a data entry job. Doing the same thing over and over again with little changes.
Tower of Hero
You start on the first floor of the tower and keep fighting your way up by summoning your heroes (by clicking) and recruiting other fighters, get upgrades, level up, and then, ugh, here is the typical incremental RPG part, restart, get items, and do it ALL over again.
There is something fun about restarting and getting slowly stronger each time but it also feels so pointless after a while. Such a pointless genre now that I have played a billion of such titles, heh.
Yet another incremental RPG which I have no idea why I downloaded because I'm sick of the genre. I played a pageboy to a knight who does the fighting while I collect the lot. I collect the loot, buy stuff for the knight, and eventually I restart to do the same thing again and get better items but this game I didn't even RESTART! Because fuck it! Fuck it!
Idle Warriors
The story is cute. Human population is regressing while monster population is on the rise. So the humans start enslaving monsters to mine for them! The brave warriors beat the crap out of monsters, kidnap the bosses, and enslave them. The animation of monsters slaving away while speech balloons above them talk about their wife and children is funny.
But the game itself is another RPG incremental which I should start staying away from. These games are like a chore for me nowadays because I'm doing the same crap again and again. The blame is probably on me because it seems like a reasonably solid game. But hey, fuck it, I PERSONALLY didn't enjoy it.
Tap! Tap! Faraway!
Any game that is remotely like Tap Titan scares me. They are addictive at first and very fast moving but after every restart gets more and more annoying. It soon turns into a time eating activity with the player having to redo the initial levels to get relics to get better items to progress further to restart to get relics to and so on until the player realizes how much time he is putting in the game for a repetitive activity.
Auto RPG
Now that is a title the game developers didn't spend too much time on. RPG battles are automatic but I can help out by clicking like a mad man. I started with one hero but would get additional members in my party as the story progressed. Party members receive skills as as they level up and while all the skill usage is automatic, it did give me a sense of progression which is extremely important in a RPG and which I think is usually lacking in incremental games. It usually starts feeling useless but in this game at least there are new maps, new members, and an actual end sight!
There is an infinity stage once the last boss is defeated but I am glad the infinity stage happens AFTER the end and it's not the game itself.
Hire a hero and send on to battle. The battles is done automatically and takes time, starts with something short like 10 seconds with each battle taking longer. The loot is raw materials which can be used to craft equipment which also takes real life time with better items taking longer. The crafted items can either be sold or equipped to the hero to make him be able to fight stronger monsters.
I was worried I would hate the longer crafting and fighting times because I hate games which I have to watch for a task to finish but even though the durations for longer, I had more to do. However, I don't know what would have happened in the end game because I gave up on it. New maps were exactly like the first map just with different heroes but the progression was similar in each level which felt that I was doing the exact same thing all over again but with longer task times.
Idle Oil Tycoon
This is the best idle game I played. It's graphics aren't just minor, they are none existent. It's just numbers, so basic that my sister thought I was on a stock market app.
It's such a simple concept. Invest, get oil, upgrade then like other idlers restart to get a bonus and do the full thing all over again. When I finished the game, I played the unlimited mode which I played until the unlimited mode couldn't handle the numbers anymore.
Soda Dungeon
This kind-of Idle Dungeon was great. I started with weak ass fighters who would fight on my behalf while I collected the loot. I then got to use the lot to upgrade the sofa bar to recruit more adventurers. Not sure why it was a sofa bar. Maybe they wanted to make it a family game and not have alcohol? Sounds weird but the sofa element in a RPG game sounds weirder.
The game only hit a brick for me when, like most other incremental games, there is no real closure. Once I thought I bet the big bad guy, it just goes on, harder but similar enough with no end in sight. Eventually, we have to stop playing right, but it always feels a bit like a let down when I don't feel like I have finished the game.
10 Billion Wives Kept Man Life
The two games from this company, 10 Billion Wives and Kept Man Life, have similar strengths and weaknesses.
I liked the silly premises from both. In 10BM, I had to get married as much as I could, using the loves I collect to marry more expensive wives! In KML, I'm a boyfriend who doesn't work and I have to please my career gf so she would take care of me.
Both start reasonably fast and I was willing to grind through difficult parts but the end game is like a brick wall. Passing through it to get all the achievements is pretty much impossible unless one puts in way too many hours. And it's a shame because I really wanted to get all the achievements to see all the tiny little extra stuff.
Adventure Capitalist
One of the better incremental games, but now that I am out of the short lived incremental fan phase, I realized how dumb the genre is. Tap, tap, tap, upgrade, do this a million times, reset, and do it all over again like a moron. The game does deserve credits for me acting like a moron and playing it for so long but I also cheated and got free cash and then if occupying became even more pointless.
The Monolith
A combination of an incremental and a civilization building game seemed like an excellent idea and in some ways, it was, specially how we get to upgrade through the ages from cavemen to futuristic. But no offline feature means that the resets aren't enticing.
USSR Simulator
An incremental game that has a great theme (USSR!) but absolutely horrible to enjoy, even though I did stick to it. After a certain upgrades, the game just turned into me popping in the game, clicking an upgrade and then forgetting about the game for a few days.
RPG Clicker
They should call these games tappers not clickers. We are not clicking anything on a touchscreen device. Anyway, tap tap tap level up buy weapons tap tap and uninstall.
Logging Quest Logging Quest 2
[Review is for the original and its sequel]
There is not much of a difference between the game. I actually played them both at the same time because the actual game is offline. You choose your hero, send them to a dungeon, and then come back to the game after a while to see how well they did. I thought an offline RPG like this might be interesting but then, if you don't really play a game, how much fun can it be?
Another pointless incremental. I was in an incremental phase and got so many incremental games that I know realize were absolutely pointless.
Hit a tree, buy upgrades, get a new hero, and continue hitting a tree. Not much offline it seems which is what I like about incrementals.
Galaxy Clicker
A space incremental that should have been a lot of fun. You get to upgrade your spaceship and buy new ones and explorer new planets. But first of all, the interface is so ugly that it makes playing the game less enjoyable. And a lot of things I didn't really get no matter how much I would play like the full exploring planets. The spaceships were nice, so it could have been fun.
A pretty pointless incremental kind of game. You are a tramp and then you can collect money to buy upgrades to make more money, with no strategy needed, nor any effort needs to be made to hurt your brain cells.
Inflation RPG
It supposed to be some kind of incremental RPG, I think, which has you resetting and getting more powerful and then fighting monsters to get insane levels. It is very unique but I couldn't get into it.
Widget RPG
Are you fucking with me? This is button bashing rpg in the most extreme manner. You get a widget, so you don't even have to open the game and distract yourself from the button bushing. Just click the button and the game plays behind the scenes and gets you experience, loot, and kills.
It's a ridiculous idea that is fun for a few minutes to see what they come up with but there is only so much button bashing you can do.
Capitalist Tycoon
I downloaded this game because I was in an incremental/idle game phase and really enjoyed AdVenture Capitalist. But this game is nothing like that. On the surface, it seems similar, buy small investments, make money, buy bigger investments, and so on.
But with this game, there is no offline mode, and you keep having to wake up managers, AND the goal is to see how much you make in one year. Bah. I prefer the incremental approach which makes you build and build and build, not try to rush it in just a year.
Clicking Bad
An incremental clicking game that is themed after Breaking Bad. It is a fun idea it's a very simple game with little to do aside from the obvious of upgrading and upgrading. The only twist might be to balance out making lots of money selling drugs and not attracting the law but even that is only a small challenge at the start. Eventually, you will get enough upgrades to bring the law risk so down that it makes no impact on the game play.
Zombie Tapper
A super basic incremental clicker game with a zombie team. Click click click to eat brains, use brains (?) to buy zombies to do the brain eating for you and then buy upgrades for your zombies, and buy new zombies and it all feels very pointless.
Bitcoin Billionaire
I started to enjoy incremental games, but it needs to have a good offline mode, because I don’t want to just play a game where I keep tapping. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t play. I played it, and I played a lot of it, because I could reset the game (like most incremental games) and it gives you a small benefit where you could finish the full game a bit faster (it gives you bonus income). So, I kept finishing and resetting, and each time the start to finish would shorten, so I thought I would reach a stage where I could finish each start-to-finish in an instant! It didn’t happen. I got bored first.
Tap Titan
An addictive tapping game. Just tap on the creatures, level up, get new skills, hire heroes, and then reset and to it all over again to progress further. It’s an incremental game where it depends on resets to progress, but no real offline bonus, so you have to be playing online. Which got boring, so I installed an app that does the tapping for me, which is actually a stupid way to play the game, but this isn’t an attempt to prove to anyone my intelligence. Anyway, thankfully something went wrong and my progress got deleted, WHICH WAS A GOOD THING, because the game was extremely addictive.
God Squad
I’ve realized most incremental games are stupid. Tap on monsters to kill, collect gold, buy Roman Gods, level them up, fight other monsters, and then get bored.
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Thinking of trying to develop a Cryptocurrency MMORPG - Comments?

See title. I came up with the idea the other day, and I believe that I could be on to something with it. Hopefully I don't post it up here just so someone else can steal the idea, but maybe it could be open source anyway.
My concept is to develop an MMORPG. I don't know what kind yet, whether medieval, modern, or futuristic. I haven't really thought of game play mechanics yet or even which engine to start with. The main concept is that the economy in the game will be totally based on cryptocurrency.
$0.25 worth of Bitcoin may only be .00125000 or so. But if you take that, trade it for LTC, than XRP, than in the end wind up with TIPS (Fedora coin) I wind up with over 21,000,000.00 TIPS. If you divide this down to the satoshi of a TIPS, $0.25 can be divisible into 210 Trillion units. A satoshi of a TIPS could be the starting "copper pieces" of the game. As you progress you could trade up though the different pieces going from TIPS (copper) to DOGE (bronze) to LTC (silver) to BTC (gold) and 42 (platinum). (Platinum pieces through copper pieces is an AD&D reference, the exact system in the game and currencies used will probably differ in the end.)
Basically take any MMORPG, which has an economy and a currency unit. This currency in the game is probably able to be bought at a certain rate from the company that provides the games. Players sometimes find ways to sell their currency, but at a discount and against the EULA.
This game would be totally different. The currency in the game would be cryptocurrency which could be withdrawn to a qt outside of the game, and likewise players could mine their own currency or buy their currency at an exhange and transfer it into the game. You could sell your expensive gear at the NPC or player market in game, take the currency you get in the game, transfer it out of the game, and sell it at an exchange for money, all within the EULA.
This is an idea in the making, and there are already other crypto-currency based games. But think of, like, a RuneScape clone that wasn't a complete waste of time because if you became a Mega-Billionaire in the game, you could actually cash out something in real life.
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[Table] 2007scape: AMA Thread: RuneScape Old School Team

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Date: 2014-02-06
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Questions Answers
Hello OSRS team, and here are my three questions I would like to ask you. Is it possible to fix the spawn rates on resources, monsters and so on, so that the world population does not affect the spawn rate of said features? It is possible to fix the spawn rates, but the question you have to ask yourself is does the community really want this and is it a priority for the community.
What are your opinions on AutoHotkey (AHK) and MouseKeys (MK)? I've heard that if you use AHK in the same way MK works, then AHK is still considered legal as MK is allowed. Is this the case or is any use whatsoever of AHK restricted? If you are considering new rewards to be implemented that can be bought with Marks of Grace, what rewards will you consider implementing? New Agility shortcuts? Recolouring of Graceful? Option to Imbue? etc.. The best advice I can give about AHK and mousekeys is not to do anything differently than you have been doing. Our approach to it hasn't changed. However, if we talk about the details of AHK the less than reputable players will look for loopholes in order to macro and that's why we are always very vague about it.
Are autotypers allowed? What about macros on a gaming keyboard used for typing when selling? It seems everyone uses them and it's impossible to keep up without them. Autotypers and binding phrases to keys on your keyboard is against the rules. However, we know why people use them and we think that reason needs to be addressed. The impact of autotypers on other players is that they see lots of spam. I would much rather give every player an autotyper made by us and put into the client and then give every account the option to toggle on or off chat sent by the autotyper.
This will allow players to autotype but give every player the opportunity to ignore it with the click of a button.
How do you guys get along with the EoC team? Is there a rivalry in the office? Also, filter game option plzzz. GOTTA GO! WASTING XP! <3. We get along fine with the EOC team. Of course we are superior in every way possible, but we still talk to them... but really Old School borrows expertise from across the entire company. We need a lot of support from the developers, artists, designers and so on to do what we do. Although we spend all our time on Old School, many of the EOC team are needed to deliver what we deliver. We've got a request in the system for the engine team to give us something that'd let us create the game message spam filter. I don't think it'll be a big job for them, but can't predict when they'll have a chance to do it. We get on fine with the EoC team. Well, I'm not a very sociable person myself, but Mod Reach is always hanging out with the QA testers from the other RuneScape. Plus they let us borrow some of their testers for our biggest updates.
Sandwich Lady at Metal Drags. Why? Go. The dragons were hungry?
Do you not approve of inconveniently timed free kebabs?
There is a NPC named "Jeremy Clerksin" in the church in varrock, is he inspired by Jeremy Clarkson off of Top Gear? He is the most important NPC... In the world!
Can the old school team please reduce/remove the number of random events? They are irritating, I sit in the bank for a few minutes deciding what I want to do then I teleport only to get a random. Also I try to go help a friend BOOM Random as I try to teleport to them. We had a conversation with the anti macro team a few weeks ago and asked if random events had an impact on bots. As they did they will be staying in game. If it becomes the case that randoms no longer impact on bots, we'll change them.
What are some of the quirks involved with working on a game engine that is outdated by years? Being the head of bug abuse for the pasty two years now, I've naturally ran into some rather obscure, hilarious and damn right painful bugs. Ash, as a senior content dev, 9 year vet and previous upload manager has ran into even more than myself.
What's the strangest bug you've ran into when developing content for runescape? If I was to put my finger on the strangest bug I've ever encountered, it would have to be the old 'Jullage' bug that happened not long back before RS3 became RS3. To this day, I will never understand why that bug happened.
Would it be possible to add whole new locations to OSRS? For example, a new fremennik island? It's certainly possible to create new locations. After all, that's what the new Slayer dungeon is. We can re-use existing models quite a lot for buildings and scenery.
Any possibility to update construction skill, ability to add fairy rings, altars that switch magic spellbooks, and lunar teleportation portals? We've had some discussion about adding a room for switching magic, with a fairly high requirement.
Edit: first. I've had a look through the POH code. The data storage is not very flexible there. Rooms can have 7 hotspots, three of which may have 7 options and four of which may have 3 options. Most of the rooms are already using all the options on their hotspots. So we'd have to do expansion via new types of room. That's not particularly hard, and I've had quite a few requests for spellbook-switching altars, possibly with a fee for use.
Why were you selected out of all the members of jagex? Back in 2007, I had been the Upload Manager for a couple of years, and was transitioning to a Content Dev role as Mod Nexus took over the uploader job. So Nexus & I were two developers who'd be extremely familiar with the 2007 codebase, as well as all the upload-related tasks that would need to be done for the OSRS content updates.
How do you feel about jagex implementing legacy considering 07 is pre-eoc already. Edit: Lootshare option like rs3 where you get a piece of the armor drop, which with enough peices can be converted into the real thing. I have no feelings about RS3 bringing back legacy mode. I agree with the need to do so and am keeping up to date with it's development. Both for the health of RS3 and OSRS. I don't see it being an issue for us and we're going to continue to deliver everything we promised.
How big do you see the 07 team becoming? If the '07 team gets too big, we'll start having communication/organisation issues like any big team. Just now, it's been very handy having a small team that can be in communication with itself - and with you - very easily.
If Legacy gives RS3 players something that they'd like more than the EoC system, that's good news for the RS3 players. I don't begrudge them that.
Is there any chance that if we the player could obtain video proof of bots, could we or would we be able to submit the proof in order to help you guys a bit more in the bot detection process? I've been at experiments for days now and keep seeing the same bot running an awful script. You can send us a video if you really wanted to, alternatively just email the account names to [email protected] and we'll pass them on to our macro experts who will check them out.
The bot-hunting is done by a different team; we mostly just deal with game content and community stuff, although we try to liaise with them as much as possible. As far as I know, they're using systems that can analyse player activity rather more quickly than watching several minutes of video for each bot.
What's a typical day at JaGeX like? What's the usual routine? For me, I get in at 8am after giving my housemate, Mod Oliver, a lift in. When I get in, I usually jump straight into game to troll whoever is nearby and get feedback on the evening tweets I sent out which usually is asking for ideas on something I tweeted. From there, I generally boot up whatever stream (we use content streams here) I'm working in and get to work on the content projects you voted on. At 12, I head for lunch and then at 1, come back and finish the day off at around 4/4.30 pm. Same old really.
8pm or 8am? Typo or you work nights? Corrections included!
What are your plans for new quests? Will they be completely original, or adaptations of live game quests that came after 2007? If the former, will you come up with new stories for the questlines that are as of yet unfinished in old school? We would like to do some completely original quests as those are the best ones to write. It seems a bit dull to write and play a quest when everyone knows the story already.
With OSRS, you guys tried an entirely different approach to the game than the original Runescape. For 2014, RS3 mods announced their “Power to the Players” program which includes content polls and twitch streams. How much of this is based off the success that OSRS had with the approach? To be brutally honest, the internal politics between RS3 and OSRS is rather minimal. I'd like to think our successes had a positive and enlightening impact on their decision to go in the direction they are. I won't say what we're doing is by any means revolutionary or groundbreaking as all we're doing is letting you decide what you want and taking on feedback. Every game has to evolve and sometimes that approach simply won't work for that product. We're very lucky in that RuneScape is 13/14 years old now and has been through many episodic changes that we know what content works for our community. Hindsight really is one hell of a tool!
To be honest, I haven't been in any of the planning meetings that lead to the Power to the Players program, however the success we have had and the positivity of our community is something that hasn't gone unnoticed. I am sure it had a part to play.
It's a rather nice sign that they must think we're going in the right direction, even if we can't know for sure whether they're copying us on purpose :-)
Hello, will there be an achievement diaries update? I hope there will be, we can and want to do it. It seems it is important for the community too. So fingers crossed it will all pan out.
When are fixes going to be made for macs? Right now I play on a mac and im sure you guys are aware of the minimap spinning glitch. Sadly that's an engine problem and we're still waiting on news about that ourselves. I'll press Mod Philip who's head of engine to take a look at it soon.
Do you think you guys will ever accept Bitcoin as a payment option? That's one for our billing guys since we use the same payment module systems as RS3.
That'll be one for our finance team, sorry. Given the fluctuating value of bitcoins, they feel like a funny thing to use for paying for a computer game subscription.
Never say never, I haven't heard of it being a possibility... but who knows? - not me.
@ JohnC, what is the average day of a QA tester like? Do you get involved with the programming aspect of OSRS? I test content, offering feedback when necessary. Monitor and track bugs, contribute to design meetings and keep a keen eye on the forums, twitter and reddit. Drinking lots of Tea in between ;)
I'm curious, are you guys ever going to put clan wars in 07? I am sure that at some point before June we will be polling clan wars.
Any idea's if you're going to help liven up F2P pking? it's my absolute favourite thing to do and no one does it :( Thanks! Hmmm. I'd originally expected that we'd make the Wilderness Rejuvenation monsters and training facilities available only on the members-only worlds, not the two F2P-style worlds. That's normally how updates go. But we don't have to restrict it like that, so long as nothing tries to drop members-only items on a F2P-style world.
Do we have an ETA on the bot busting updates? While I am happy with a lot of the updates I'm seeing, the RC, Merchanting and other bots are really having a massive impact on the economy. The bot-hunting team has something new which is hopefully going to be ready for some quiet live tests next week. It's generally best if we don't divulge full details of how that team operates, since botters can read Reddit too :-)
Thanks for doing this guys. As an avid PvMer and boss killer, I have trouble finding teams for gwd. Do you think the new wilderness bosses can be soloed? Would you consider adding a solo boss similar to the QBD to oldschool? 3 of the new Wilderness bosses will be soloable and if the community want it we will be happy to add other soloable bosses to the game. Have you found the new chat room for getting GWD teams together helpful at all? If not, what can we do to help you find a team.
In one of the Q&A stream Mat K you said when you take the looting bag to a Banker he will give you your items and then will throw the Bag in the bin and the player has to get another one from the Wilderness monsters. In the Wilderness dev blog there's no mention about the banker throwing it away. How will it be then? The current plan is that the banker will throw the bag away. Getting a bag will not be difficult as every monster in the Wilderness will drop one. Banking items like this is a very difficult thing for us to achieve.
Hey guys, my only question is will you be implementing more achievement diaries into the game anytime soon? I've always loved them and it could help bring new content into the game. I love achievement diaries and we have had a few discussions about adding some new ones all at once. This is a large task and we have a lot of those on at the moment but we definitely would like to offer you them.
Is the mining/woodcutting spawn rate update going to be on the next poll? About a month ago you said it could be polled but haven't spoken about it since. It won't be in the next poll as its quite a large job and we have a lot of those at the moment, but it will appear in a poll in the near future.
Could we see Magic having a dedicated poll, auto casts/reworked augry/staff damage/arcane stream/greater runic staff? :) I agree that Magic is in need of some serious love. It's an under-loved, under-appreciated and frankly misused skill that has so much more potential. Unless you're on Ancients, there's really no need to use it in combat situations. I know we have god spells but even then, those are limited and not broad enough.
I'd like to look into this further.
Will there ever be F2P? :3. There may be, but until we have the bots, scamming, hijacking and other bad behaviour under control we can't even think about it.
Hilt and other item rates from gwd? Barrows item chance? Also on a personal question, any chance you can check trade logs? just got scammed sgs by someone in pvm clan and they are claiming they never got it. happened bout an hour ago and he also apparently sold 2 ags for irl cash today. Hilt is 1/512 from each GWD boss. Barrows items depend on the number of barrows brothers you've killed. The more you kill the more likely you are to get a drop. I think 12 is the magic kill count number to aim for. Killcount is solely for runes and other minor rewards but I believe 12 is the minimum needed for decent runes so the most efficient number to get.
Dragon chain/d2h from kq? D Chain from KQ is rather generous actually. Likewise with the D2h.
Hey guy, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to do an AMA! I only have one question for you... What are you doing about all these bots..? We have new technology in development to deal with bots, as soon as its ready we will tell you more.
If the community wanted it, are new skills or quest a possibility? And by new, I mean not in RS3. Yes, new skills and quests are a possibility. I don't see much demand for a completely new skill in an old-school game, but we'd really like to write you a new quest. Mod Reach hasn't had a chance to do a quest yet.
Is there any plan to move the Lore of the game forward? If so, will it take the same path as RS3, or will it branch off and be completely different? I would prefer not to have lore in OSRS that conflicts with the lore revealed in RS3. RuneScape is RuneScape.
In poll# 14, the question about introducing a minigame reward shop where you can use points and tokens from multiple minigames to buy new items passed. What happened to that? I haven't heard anything about since then. We offered a few items for that shop, but they didn't get 75% support, so the shop would currently be empty. For the moment, we've left it alone while we focus on the Wilderness.
I have a couple of questions: -Don't you think that the facts that legacy combat is going to be (probably) implemented ruins the idea of oldschool rs? -Are there any new quests coming up to oldschool? -How does one get a visit from a JMOD on oldschool rs? I don't think legacy mode will have any great impact on Old School. Although many players started OS for the combat system, most play it for so many other reasons now. Currently there are no new quests planned for OS, although we would love to do some.
Hello, a couple of questions; I don't think OS will overtake RS3's numbers, I have no idea what we would do if it did though.
1, Do you think osrs take over the EoC in player numbers and if it does will that impact the amount of staff and content that will come into the game? As for why Ash's voice makes you want to go to sleep... have you seen a doctor?
2, Why is it when Mod Ash talks I want to go to sleep, in a good way of course, I want him to read me a story. I think the more modern-looking version of RuneScape will always have a bigger appeal to new players who never knew RuneScape back in the '07 days. We don't see many players swapping from RS3 to OSRS - or vice-versa - at the moment, so I wouldn't expect to ever overtake them. Also, I'm not sure how desirable it would be for our dev-team to become as large as the RS3 dev-team - you already get weekly updates, and at the moment we're small enough that we can communicate with each other (and with you) very easily.
Sxi Gurl8 (please change my name It was changed my a friend and I hate it I will do anything for a different name) If I could talk like Alan Rickman, I would.
What is your favorite story from working at Jagex? Ash once told me about the developer of Desert Treasure and his understanding of modern day culture that he completely disregarded when writing desert treasure. Sadly, I can't explain what he did but I assure you it was outrageous and hilarious.
Can't explain it because you're not allowed to or just don't know how to? It was very... inappropriate and definitely NSFW.
Mod Reach - You love quests; have you considered my quest story for the monsters you have found in the archives and shown to us? I read over every suggestion I get sent (within reason!) and occasionally go back to the submissions we got during the first PDC as we have some really creative and (rather mental...) suggestions there.
I have plans for the old models don't you worry ;)
Hey, Here i am again the obsessive question asker. Hmmm, that might make a difference, yes. We'll try for something like that if we ever offer such a poll question again.
Mod Ash earlier on the Livestream you replied on the Quickpray idea. Is it possible to split up the Quickpray icon click area so both options are availabe? Maybe add a toggle option in "Setup quickpray" tab? Could Ahrim's staff attack speed be sped up so it has some use instead of being an alch item? Could you add a left click option on farming patches for when you have to use your spade like in EOC? I'd rather do the split icon thing, not the extra toggle. The more toggles we add, the harder it becomes to learn how to use the game. Some redesigning of the button would be required, though.
Thank you for answering and i'm really thankfull that you guys take so much time listening to players these days <3 //Neelke. We could do the left-click thing. I guess I've not seen very much demand for it before.
I know you have all stated the benefits of a small development team, but with the success of '07 within the past year, what would it take for Jagex to offer more resources to you guys? I'm talking about a permanent engine department, quality of life team, a quest/content developers. Just so we can see updates that both we want and you want, but that are currently out of reach because of lack of resources? Currently, Jagex sees a successful game running with a very small team. If Jagex were convinced that the game could be orders of magnitude more successful with a bigger team, I think that'd make it happen. They've already allowed us to increase our headcount by hiring Mod John C and an artist - at a time when the RS3 graphics team has not been hiring - so it's a rather promising sign so far. We've not been given our own engine guy, sadly, but Mod Phillip's been very obliging at sparing his time when he can.
Will you introduce Dragon Claws into the game? No, OP.
Will a re-sizable and fullscreen mode be added to the game? No, too much engine/GFX/dev/testing work for a team this size. Sorry.
Are your plans to always keep Oldschool as it is, or do you have future plans to slowly evolve Oldschool into a new RS through the community polls? If there's this much demand for updates, we'll be very happy to take the game in the direction the players seem to want.
This isn't really a question but a list of ideas that I would think would make the game run smoother. Repolling previous items that fell into the 65%-75% percentage range. (Mouse middle click, quest cape trimming.) Edit: Also, opinions of others are welcome too on these ideas. They are all very good ideas and eminently achievable. However, the same goes for these ideas as every other ideas. As we are a small team we have to prioritise what we do so we are working on most important things for the community. Where would you rank your ideas in the the whole priority of the community? I think achievement diaries is up near the top, so that maybe something we look at in the not too distant future though. Many of those are already on the wishlist, but here are a few comments: - Buy/Sell-X in shops is problematic because shops in OSRS recalculate the price based on the stock level. If we try to do a big sale of ~100+ items in one click, that's a lot of code to run, and the engine would complain. That's why we've started selling packs of 100 feathers/vials/tips instead. - Joining previous house/chat-channel is feasible, although we currently can't make it save the name over logout due to engine limitations. - The world queue was polled and failed. Apparently some people prefer spam-clicking over waiting in an orderly queue. - We'll repoll something if (1) we can design a better version than we offered the previous time, such as with the middle mouse button, or (2) if the original question was so poorly understood that the vote's results were meaningless.
Do you have any plans to feature player-created content at all (via competitions, perhaps), or will RS07 remain 100% from the crazy minds working at Jagex? The rooftop agility courses were designed by a player in our last Player Designed Content competition, we hope to run some more of these in the future.
How far are you all planning to go with future updates? Is there a limit to how much currently EOC content you're willing to put into the game? We put in what the community wants! Provided it is possible with our current tools and 2 developers.
Xp till next level when you hover over a skill on the stats tab It makes it a little bit easier if you can hover over a skill and it tells you how much XP you need to get to the next level. Lol - I've seen you post this on so many threads that have nothing to do with the topic!
Drill demon random event In this random event, there are four different exercises. Can we have the exercises as a emote so it can be done outside of the random event? it could maybe a rare reward form that random event? The XP-to-next-level thing is on our list of suggestions for future polls. It just hasn't made it into a poll yet. I expect it will soon; you're not the only person asking for it.
Change colour of public chat, clan chat, PM. We could add those emotes as rewards from the event. We'd need GFX for the emote buttons, but I expect we could arrange something.
Let us stop asking the non-essential questions. We need to take a step back from old school and get the REAL questions answered. How do you like your coffee? How many sugars? Do you take it with cream? Or are you a milk man? Black coffee with 1 sugar :)
Thoughts on the return of Curses and Dungeoneering in some form? I'd like to write a randomly-generated dungeon system for single players and/or groups, although I wouldn't call it a skill.
I'm not so interested in curses, but they're certainly possible provided you don't mind what GFX we use.
We can add curses if the community want us too, and that's the real question.
As for dungeoneering, we would love to do some huge dungeon raids where the bosses scale depending on the amount of people in the dungeon (imagine 100 people raids) - that would be awesome.
There have been various alternatives to counter the problems that would occur if F2P servers were to be added such as only making it available to accounts created before a certain date, 2012 for example. This would counter the mass amounts of bots, and it would allow for old players to join back in and have a taste of OSRS, then subscribe if they want more. Is this option considered as a temporary solution until the OSRS team can get things better handled? The whole purpose of F2P is to attract new players. If we limit that experience then we take away the reason to have F2P.
For trading, can we have some sort of chat filter where, for example, I can choose to see public messages from people that have the word "whip" in it? There are some technical challenges with that (for example storing more lines of chat in the client) - but that is one option we have discussed.
Would you consider closing eoc for more activity on osrs? I doubt we will ever consider closing RS3. Both games are really popular and it is great to see them running side by side.
When can we expect the development of Stealing Creation or something similar to begin and when can it be polled? The schedule for when we poll things is largely decided by the community at the time. Should a Stealing Creation type game become the biggest priority for the community we will poll it. Sadly, I think this is some way from being there.
Would a variant of the rock caverns be possible for Old school? While we don't have the GFX of the original, we could certainly make something similar. Actually, one or two of the Wilderness features we're doing are based on LRC designs.
If the new update poll passes for RS3 for switchable combat styles... Do you think OSRS will stay intact, do you think the player base will crumble? I think we'll be just fine. A few people have said they're going to move over to RS3 for Legacy, and I hope they find a version of RuneScape they like. But there's a lot more to OSRS than just its combat system, and we're expecting to be here doing OSRS updates for our community for a very long time to come.
Do you think you will ever implement true F2P for 07scape? The obvious and most immediate drawback is more bots, which will require additional resources to deal with, but I think the increase in player base would make it a worthwhile trade. It's not a decision that'd be made by the OSRS team, in the end. We can make recommendations, but Jagex's financial decisions are made at a considerably higher level. Preferably with a lot of statistics to back them up. If they decided we could have F2P, and it went out of control due to bots/hijackings/scamming/RWT, that'd do a lot of damage to a game that's currently doing rather nicely for players.
What are your plans as far as update into 07. Like how close to the current game do you plan on reaching before stopping. Do you have plans to update into the game such things as nex and dragon claws. Or do you only plan on advancing the game in a different directions than before like you have with the staff of the dead and the new kraken monster? We're not aiming to copy RS3. People often ask for stuff they've seen in RS3, but we'd just as soon do something completely different.
When dealing with things from RS3 that had distinctive GFX, our version would be forced to look inferior to the RS3 one due to the different graphics systems, so I prefer not to create knock-offs of RS3 content like that at all.
Would you guys add in runetek5 if voted upon is that possible ? That's an engine change and frankly, we don't need it. If we need amendments to the engine, we can just ask engine to add what we need.
RuneTek5 doesn't bring us anything we can't already get in our current engine.
Are there any plans to poll having bank tabs to sort your bank? Yes, if we can (1) make it work without engine support or (2) get engine support.
Hey Guys, do you think their is a possibility that raggers will be dealt with in PvP situations? The crystal bow is one of the main problems for this. We've offered a change in the Wilderness Rejuvenation project to address that particular item by making it revert to seed when dropped. We've also got High Risk worlds now, so a ragger will have to risk dropping something if they're going to have a weapon at all.
With regards to the unusually offensive abuse that some raggers have been shouting, that remains against the rules, and I would hope the Support team can continue taking action against people like that.
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Mines and mining sites are places/areas where various minable resources (e.g. ores, essences, stones, gems, etc.) can be mined; These may be above ground (quarries or outcrops) or under ground (mines) and are scattered all over Gielinor.Also, some of these mines have access requirements (e.g. having membership, wearing/carrying certain items, and/or completing a certain quest). This bitcoin mining software can be used on Windows and Linux operating system. BFGMiner works on multithreaded blockchain technology. It is one of the most useful software for miners. #4. MultiMiner. MultiMiner checks the process of bitcoin mining on your desktop. It supports many kinds of mining hardware as well as coins. MultiMiner has a comfortable user interface with options places in an ... What is Bitcoin Mining Summary. Bitcoin mining is the process of updating the ledger of Bitcoin transactions known as the blockchain.Mining is done by running extremely powerful computers called ASICs that race against other miners in an attempt to guess a specific number.. The first miner to guess the number gets to update the ledger of transactions and also receives a reward of newly minted ... Best mining rigs and mining PCs for Bitcoin, Ethereum and more By Matt Hanson , Brian Turner 14 September 2020 If you still fancy mining cryptocurrencies, these are the best pre-built rigs and PCs The Mining ring is made by right-clicking the uncharged ring and selecting "Charge" within the Mining skill plot area of the Clan Citadel, which requires a tier 2 Citadel. The ring requires a Mining level of 40 to be charged in the Mining plot. It gives 50% Mining experience until you have gained a certain amount of experience, determined by your level and the tier of the Mining plot. A new ...

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